Healing the Wounds of Slavery: Towards Mutual Recovery is a joint programme supported by the UNESCO Slave Route Project and the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace (GHFP) Research Institute. It aims at healing the wounds and addressing the psycho-social, economic and political consequences of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and slave history. 

The focus is on creating pathways towards mutual recovery and cultural and institutional transformation.

This programme is envisioned to take several steps:

The first step is to gather together international experts from multi-disciplinary backgrounds for a Symposium to identify meaningful approaches for healing the psychological wounds of slave trade and slave history.

The second step is to take on board the recommendations gathered from the symposium discussion, design and (pre)pilot a healing programme in the communities directly affected by trans-Atlantic slave trade and slave history, such as North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe. With dialogue and humanisation at its core, this programme is intended to be based on deep encounters between people from communities affected by the slave history and slave trade.

The third step is to evaluate and review the effects of the healing programme, and develop a training manual. This would enable the communities affected by the legacy of the slave trade to integrate, adjust and implement the programme in a localised way.